Cookie statement

We handle your personal data carefully and that includes the use of cookies.

We do not use marketing cookies ourselves, but others may. For example, sometimes videos or dashboards that we embed on our website may include cookies.

Types of cookies

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies
    These are necessary for the performance of the site, for example to remember your preferences and keep you logged in at your own request. We do not have to ask for permission for using these cookies.
  • Analytics cookies
    These provide insight into how visitors use our websites, which pages they visit the most and which keywords people use to search. This allows us to improve our websites. Our web statistics are encrypted and processed anonymously. The data is not automatically shared with Google. When we do share cookies, we have clearly specified terms with Google about the security and use of your personal data. Also, our own Google analytics cookies are not used in combination with other Google services such as DoubleClick or AdWords. We do not have to ask for permission for using these cookies. But we do want to inform you about them.

How can you tell which cookies are being used?

On the website Webbkoll you can check which cookies are used on a certain webpage.