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Product Quality & Food Safety

Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Certificate / Diploma Short course Dronten

Course description

Qualification Certificate
Field of study Agriculture and environment
Course summary To assess the relation between production methods and product quality. How to portion a carcass to understand pricing, conservation and preservation methods. Propose feed safety programme improvements
Course description The training focuses on the concept of quality assurance programmes, analysing the current situation at home and make a proposal for improvements in the food safety programme. To realise this: We assess the relationship between production method and meat quality & process poultry under hygienic conditions. We add value to a poultry and pig carcass by portioning, conserving and preserving of meat. Do Ante Mortem check during the production phase& recognize major carcass abnormalities and reasons of carcass rejects. We assess quality and safety deviations so policy makers, customers and consumers are aware of risks of non-hygienically produced and contaminated meat products. We communicate to all stakeholders regarding prevention of product deviations.
Study subjects The training focuses on: Theory and practicals on quality assurance programmes • Theory quality assurance • analysing the current home situation • production methods and meat quality under hygienic conditions. • add value to a poultry and pig carcass • execute ante and post mortems • learn about rejects and abnormalities • risk assessment • HACCP
Course objectives The participant is able: To explain the concept of quality assurance programs, analyse the present home situation and make a proposal for a new approach towards a food safety program. To assess the relationship between production method and meat quality and process poultry under good hygienic conditions. Knows how to add value to poultry and pig carcass Can do ante and post mortem checks.
ECTS credits 4.00
Duration 4 week(s)
Language of instruction English
Instruction modes design project, excursion, individual assignment, laboratory work, lecture, portfolio, poster presentation, practicum, self study, workshop
Accreditation -

About the institution

Department Aeres Training Centre International (Barneveld)
Information about the institution Talent for growth. That is what Aeres University of Applied Sciences (Aeres UAS) from the Netherlands stands for. Our university is rooted in the agricultural and educational higher education. We focus on education, research and sharing knowledge. This is how we contribute to the development of innovative professionals. Professionals who are capable of taking responsible decisions in a complex world, with a natural talent for acting sustainable. Aeres University of Applied Sciences offers Bachelor programmes, a Master programme and a number of short courses. We have three faculties in the cities: Dronten, Almere and Wageningen. We share the same vision and mission, but we each have our own profile and identity. Aeres UAS is part of the Aeres group, which also contains TVET colleges in Agriculture and Aeres Training Centre International (ATCI) in Barneveld. The short coures of Aeres UAS are offered in close cooperation with ATCI and result into a certificate or diploma.


Admission requirements
  1. A diploma and/or B.Sc. degree in the desired field of study. Working experience (3 years or more) in the desired field of study.
Language requirements
IELTS overall band 6.0
Professional experience required -
Duration 4 week(s)
Application deadlines
Start date EU/EEA Students Non-EU/EEA students
2 Mar 2020 2 Jan 2020 19 Oct 2019
1 Mar 2021 1 Jan 2021 10 Oct 2020
Tuition fees
Year EU/EEA Non-EU/EEA Institutional
2020 (FT)n.a.€ 3825n.a.

In short, the following rules apply:

  • The “EU/EEA rate” is the regular fee for students from within the EU/EEA.
  • The “non-EU/EEA rate” is the rate for students from outside the EU/EEA.
  • The “institutional rate” is for all students who have already obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree and who want to start a second programme leading to a degree at the same level or at a lower level.
  • Note that FT, PT and D stand for "full-time", "part-time" and "dual", respectively.

Make sure you contact your institution to find out what rate applies to you. The rates listed here are estimates.


Orange Knowledge Programmes (OKP), MENA Scholarship Programme , Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP), StuNed Scholarship Programme

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