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Introduction to Sexuality Studies

University of Amsterdam

Certificate / Diploma Summer course Amsterdam

Course description

Qualification Certificate
Field of study Humanities, social sciences, communication and arts
Course summary Introduction into Sexuality Studies is an intensive three-week summer course and provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the important debates around sexuality and gender in the social sciences.
Course description Some of the topics that will be discussed in the course are: How do sexual health and sexual pleasure relate? What perspectives are there on the relationship between sex and love, and how can we think about commercialized sex, such as prostitution? What are sexual taboos, and why is sexuality so often the subject of 'moral panics'? How is sexuality regulated and disciplined, for example by national, medical, economic or religious institutions? How did the sexual revolution shape Western societies, and why is it often associated with emancipation and progress? What do we mean when we say that sexuality is 'medicalized', or that society is 'sexualized'? Sexuality and gender are intrinsically interconnected, but how are they distinct and interrelated? How can we understand masculinity and femininity not only as natural, but also as social terms that have specific cultural meanings and histories? What do we mean by gender roles and what is their significance in a changing world? How can we think about and analyze diversity in sexuality and gender and how are lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer people (LGBTQ's) framed as a 'minorities' vis-à-vis a 'straight majority'?
Study subjects The course will exist of lecturers, seminars, (inter)national guest lecturers specialized in sexuality, class discussions, field trips to various places of sexual interest, the organization of a panel discussion.
Course objectives -Understand and analyze the primary debates in sexuality studies through a wide “lens” and variety of perspectives that integrate insights from the sexual sciences, sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology and other disciplines. *Compare and analyze different theoretical approaches to sexuality. *Explore diverse understandings of sexuality in Amsterdam and how they are reflected in the day to day reality as well as the varied nocturnal life of the city.
ECTS credits 6.00
Duration 3 week(s)
Language of instruction English
Instruction modes case study, group discussion, lecture, literature study
Accreditation -

About the institution

Department Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Information about the institution A modern university with a rich history, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) traces its roots back to 1632, when the Golden Age school Athenaeum Illustre was established to train students in trade and p


Admission requirements
  1. Are you in your 3rd or 4th year of your undergraduate (Bachelor) degree? Or are you a first-year Master's student? Are you a professional with the desire to learn more? Are you curious about studying sexuality from a social science perspective? If you fall into one of the categories above, then please fill-in our online application for the programme.
Language requirements
Professional experience required -
Duration 3 week(s)
Application deadlines
Start date EU/EEA Students Non-EU/EEA students
14 Jun 2019 15 Apr 2019 -
Tuition fees
Year EU/EEA Non-EU/EEA Institutional
2019 (FT)€ 1600€ 1600€ 1600

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