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Organization Studies

Tilburg University

Master Postgraduate Tilburg

Course description

Qualification Master of Science
Field of study Economics, commerce, management and accounting
Course summary The master in Organization Studies provides you with a critical understanding of organizational behavior and its theoretical foundations. Specific focus on organizational complexity and dynamics.
Course description Learn to understand and analyze organizations from an interdisciplinary perspective by combining insights from organization science, sociology, psychology, and business management. The Master in Organization Studies is designed for those seeking a sound theoretical basis in organization studies, a deeper level of understanding about how organizations deal with complexity and dynamics and an advanced level study that will generate transferable skills and facilitate employment in a great variety of organizations. The Master's program focuses on 2 central organizational concepts: * Complexity: one of the key contemporary organizational issues. Individuals, groups, organizations and networks are embedded in complex webs of interdependent relations which can be of social, institutional or economic character. Dealing appropriately with complex relations is crucial for the good functioning of organizations and cooperations. * Dynamics: environmental changes that influence the choice of organizing processes and organizational forms and strategies. How organizations deal with these dynamic changes influences on the way they function.
Study subjects This one-year program consists of 60 credits (ECTS), of which: 6 content courses (33 ECTS) 1 Master's Seminar in Organization Studies (6 ECTS) Master's thesis (24 ECTS) You can only start end of August. With the extended master's program (1.5 year), you have the opportunity to strengthen your career prospects by adding a one-year professional traineeship to your Master's program in a wide range of companies.
Course objectives This Master's program prepares you as organizational analyst, able to understand problems faced by contemporary organizations and to help companies and governments respond to fast changing, dynamic environments. 3 reasons to study Organization Studies: 1. Multi-disciplinary approach to studying organizations 2. Social Science perspective on organizations and organizing 3. Small-scale, research-based education
ECTS credits 60.00
Duration 12 month(s)
Language of instruction English
Instruction modes literature study, oral presentation, research, research project, research proposal, tutorial, lecture, group assignment, group discussion, poster presentation, individual assignment, self study, seminar
Accreditation NVAO

About the institution

Department Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Information about the institution At Tilburg University, our mission is to inspire students and faculty members to reach their full potential, and in doing so, reap a positive impact on the society around them.


Admission requirements
  1. Relevant knowledge about organizations and management and research methods, research methods and statistics;
  2. In order to be accepted directly onto our Master's program in Organization Studies, you will be required to have the following academic background: 1. A Bachelor's and/or Master's degree in social sciences e.g. Human Resource Studies, Organization Studies, Social Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Humanities, or Business Studies 2. Relevant knowledge about organizations and management and research methods
  3. This is a list from your University of the courses you have taken in your Bachelor's and Master's degree, with the grades you have achieved. This must be an official list from your University, not your results downloaded from the University's student website. If you have not yet completed all courses at the time of application, please provide the Transcript plus a list of the courses you still need to complete before graduation. Official translations of the Transcript of Records and diploma(s): If your Transcript of Records and diploma are not in English, Dutch, French or German, a sworn translator must translate the documents (with the exception of the course description, the thesis/research paper and your CV). The translator must attach the translation to copies of the original document and stamp both documents. Please note: we cannot accept translations that are not attached to a copy of the original document; the translator must make sure that s/he stamps the copy of the original document and attaches the two documents to each other.
  4. You need to demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting the results of either: *TOEFL with a minimum score of 90 (internet-based) or 577 (paper-based) . **The TOEFL institutional code for Tilburg University is 9860. ***Please note: we do not accept the TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (TOEFL ITP) *Academic IELTS score with a minimum of 6.5 score overall and a minimum score of 6.0 on individual parts of the test. *Cambridge C1 Advanced (formerly CAE): grades A, B and C *Cambridge C2 Proficiency (formerly CPE): all grades Please note: The test results must not be older than two years at the time of application. If you do not have your test results at the time of application, please confirm the date of the test in your application An English proficiency test is not required if one of the following applies to your situation: You hold a passport from one of the following countries: *Australia, Canada (with exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. *You have studied your entire Bachelor (or Master) program in one of these countries. *For all other countries and situations, the English language test is compulsory. No exemptions from this requirement will be made other than those mentioned here.
  5. The motivation letter must be specifically written for your application for this program at Tilburg University. We do not require a standard format for this letter but it should be about 250-500 words. It should explain: ​​​​​​​How you meet the specific criteria for admission mentioned above, with specific reference to your academic background. Why you want to follow this program of study e.g. what specifically appeals to you about the content of this program. Why you want to study at Tilburg University. What you have done in addition to your academic studies in this field. What added value you consider you could bring to our international classroom. What you would like to do after you have completed this degree.
Language requirements
Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English C1
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English C2
IELTS listening 6
IELTS overall band 6.5
IELTS reading 6
IELTS speaking 6
IELTS writing 6
TOEFL internet based 90
Professional experience required -
Duration 12 month(s)
Application deadlines
Start date EU/EEA Students Non-EU/EEA students
1 Sep 2019 - 1 Apr 2019
1 Sep 2020 - 1 Apr 2020
Tuition fees
Year EU/EEA Non-EU/EEA Institutional
2019 (FT)€ 2083€ 14600€ 14600

In short, the following rules apply:

  • The “EU/EEA rate” is the regular fee for students from within the EU/EEA.
  • The “non-EU/EEA rate” is the rate for students from outside the EU/EEA.
  • The “institutional rate” is for all students who have already obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree and who want to start a second programme leading to a degree at the same level or at a lower level.
  • Note that FT, PT and D stand for "full-time", "part-time" and "dual", respectively.

Make sure you contact your institution to find out what rate applies to you. The rates listed here are estimates.


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